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A key part of our organizational mandate is to work collaboratively with the Canadian Government to ensure that Canada’s foreign partners have access to the capacity building assistance in the area of security. 

Our mission focus is on the delivery of:

  • Program development

  • Delivery of training

  • Delivery of tools, technology, and equipment

  • The availability and the identification best in class experts

A series of specialized and bespoke courses are on offering and can be shaped to meet the partner the areas of:

  • Anti-crime

  • Counter-Terrorism

  • Human Smuggling

Our team members and trainers are drawn from a recognised pool of Canadian experts each with a minimum of 20-30 years operational experience in the areas of counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, federal policing and OSINT.  With on the ground international experience in the Americas, Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, North Africa and the Sahel Region.

The Process:   

  1. A needs analysis of foreign partner requirements.

  2. Tailor capacity building initiatives against those same requirements

  3. Deliver against those requirements ensuring they are consistent with the cultural and operational realities.

  4. Audit the result of delivery.

Our delivery and efforts remain consistent with the government of Canada’s approach to capacity building in that it is consistent with international anti-crime and counter-terrorism norms, standards and obligations, including human rights and gender equality considerations.

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